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Garskin, the first laptop skin in SEA, sets foot in Singapore!

[Singapore; 8 December 2006] Laptop skin that has set the world abuzz is finally in Singapore! Already a hit in Japan, Europe, and the US, laptop skin is poised to start a new fashion storm locally.

Laptop skin by Garskin is a decorative and protective piece of vinyl film with an adhesive layer on the underside. The film sticks atop the laptop as well as the inside panels. Garskin buffers the asset against scratches and water, and is able to withstand heat up to 90 degrees Celsius.

You can now customize your laptop's appearance instead of lugging a standard black or grey laptop around. Beyond functionality, Garskin is also a lifestyle and fashion product. Coming in an ever expanding gamut of styles and designs, Garskin stands for individuality and character. There are currently 6 categories, 60 designs and new designs are coming out every month. Product and design updates can be found at

"Garskin is about the expression of self and creativity. Best of all, it is painless unlike tattoo," Mr Mike Sim, Co-founder and Creator of Garskin Pte Ltd, quips. "Greater affordability of laptops due to falling prices of Intel and AMD chips and greater availability of the Internet and wireless connectivity in homes, offices and public places have propelled increasing pace of laptop adoption worldwide. This will fuel the growth of Garskin. Ultimately, it is all about expression of style and individuality in todayís consumer market. We are optimistic that Garskin will become an indispensable lifestyle accessory."

Garskin lasts up to 3 years, but anyone with fashion nous will know that nobody dons the same outfit 1095 days. The best thing is that Garskin comes with easy removing properties that leave no traces behind. Now, your laptopís appearance change as frequently as you like - to set the trend or match your outfit.

Leave the world of plain, dull and generic laptops behind. Make a statement and inject some fun and attitude into your Christmas gifts. To view or purchase Garskin please log on to Garskin is also available at good IT stores.

About Garskin Pte Ltd
Garskin Pte Ltd was founded with the aim to bring the latest and most chic laptop skin to Singapore and the region. The company is dedicated to quality and good design sense featuring art, beauty, functionality and aesthetics. With an ever expanding repertoire of products, Garskin is first in South East Asia to use technology from the US and Japan to produce laptop skins that combine design and functionality.

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