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How to install your skins?
Step 1 : Clean Your Gadget
Clean your phone / gadget gently , use a microfiber cloth or you can use tissue as well.
Step 2 : Make sure the skins position
Make sure the position is right before you skin your phone/ gadget.
Step 3 : Release the skins gently
After positioning the skin , release the skin slowly.
Step 4 : Put on the skins into your gadget
Sticked skin slowly, make sure there is no air or bubble inside.
step 5: Use a card to remove the bubble
If there is air or bubble inside a card to remove air or bubble that is trapped inside
Step 6 : Show the skins to your friends :P
Open your camera phone , do selfie . then upload to instagram show your new skin to the world :D
How to install other devices tutorial:






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