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About Garskin: Colour Your Life!


What is Garskin?


Garskin is a gadget skin protector, which is made from premium Vinyl.

The Functions of Garskin:

  • Aesthetic & beauty value for gadget
  • Gadget protection from physical damages such as scratch, splash, sweat, static and reusable.
  • Give its gadget personal identity as medium to express yourself through particular color, theme & pattern.





Any Kind of Gadgets, Any Kind Of Style!


Garskin can be applied easily on any gadgets, yes ANY KIND OF GADGETS,  and it is environmental friendly because it has ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Subtances Directives). ROHS states that Garskin product is free from mercury, lead, hexavalent, chromium, cadmium and other harmful materials. That’s why Garskin is really safe when it is applied on gadget and touched by skin.

Our Product available in any material:

  • Standard without texture
  • Texture with color, pattern and touchable feeling :
  • Pure White Leather.
  • Beige Leather (Cream Leather Material).
  • Dark Leather (Wood Material).
  • Fire Wood (Wood Material).
  • Round Square (Coarse Square Material).
  • Chrome Fabric Fiber (Silver Chrome Texture).




Our Quality, Our Priority, For Your Satisfy


Our Garskin made from premium Vinyl can stand of heating until 70° and cold for – 40°. This Premium Vinyl can be easy removed & reused without leaving any residue.

Advantages from other product:

  • Smooth texture which gives comfortibility for the user because it avoids direct contact.
  • Easy application.
  • Long lasting & never fades
  • Easy to remove, leaves no residue
  • Repositionable