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Garskin The Hydrant Series

Not only are they pioneers of the Rockabilly scene in the country, they might also be the biggest band in the genre.

Formed on 14 August 2004 in Denpasar, Bali, the Hydrant’s current formation consists of Marshello (vocal, guitar, and harmonica), Vincent (lead guitar), Christopper (stand up drums), and Adi (upright bass).

The band was formed from the initiative of Wis, Zio, and Morris, who then asked Shello to join. Their love for the genre, the getup, and the attitude of Rockabilly glued their friendship and strengthened their desire to introduce the culture — that was popular in the U.S. in the 50’s – throughout Indonesia, especially to the younger generation.

The band’s name itself originated from the pop band that Wis and Zio formed, called Hydra. When they decided to change directions on to rockabilly territory, they felt that they needed a new identity. Jappy Sanger, their manager at the time, came up with they idea for The Hydrant, the evolution of their past brand Hydra – which they unanimously agreed upon.

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(Source: http://thehydrantbali.net/biography/)